Friday, July 23, 2010

The One Who Loves a simple song of praise by Mary Katherine May

The One Who Loves
a simple praise song

by Mary Katherine May
of Quality Music and Books

For use as a C-instrument solo, vocal solo, with our without descants. Melody line and descants include text. This is suitable for congregational or group song, or as an ensemble piece. The piano does not double the part.

This song has been a true blessing for me. I call it praying with my fingers.

The quilt art with draped cross and butterflies was designed and created by myself-Mary Katherine May, and the background photograph is one I took of the lily-of-the-valley patch in our front yard. The violet thread embroidered cross was made by our daughter-in-law, Brandy Lea May. The stained glass doved was made by my husband, Richard May, the photograph taken with it hung in front of one of the windows in our foyer.

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