Friday, July 23, 2010

LENT HOLY WEEK Man of Sorrows 'NEATH THE CROSS OF JESUS arranged by Mary Katherine May

Man of Sorrows or 'Neath the Cross of Jesus
an Ukrainian Orthodox hymn for Lent
arranged for piano solo

by Mary Katherine May
of Quality Music and Books

'Neath the Cross of Jesus is the song of Mary, Mother of Jesus, standing at the foot of the cross, watching her son die. The words are a mother's words, filled with agony as she struggles to watch from afar... I have heard others say that she was not saddened by this event, and that Jesus went to the cross joyfully ...I don't believe that is humanly possible, and both Jesus and His mother were human, and had the love of mother and son.

O Son, my loved one, tell for what transgression, you must suffer through
this hour of opression, son of mine!

For the hymn arrangement with two stanzas written by Right Rev. Stephen Halleck, I have written additional stanzas to be used individually or together, to fill out the Holy Week events, making it suitable for a rendering of the Passion story or any worship service during Holy Week.

Working with the photographic images of art created by masters of the past, viewing the suffering of Jesus Christ, arranging the music ... it was difficult. The agony becomes palpable, and one cannot divorce one's self from the emotion of the moment.

I suggest following this piece with the singing of Christ, We Do All Adore Thee from the Seven Last Words by Theodore DuBois, preferably by SATB a cappella choir.

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